Lawn Mower Repair Services РThe Ultimate Guide of [2022]

Having a lawn is a blessing because of a lot of reasons. Your children can run and play freely there. Also, you can arrange parties with family and friends. Having a lawn allows you to have a nice garden too. 

Problems happen when you don’t take care of the place properly. Grass grows fast and destroys the look of the lawn. Besides, long grass is home to several insects. So, the situation becomes quite messy if your lawn is not maintained properly. 

A lawn mower is an essential tool for lawn maintenance. It helps you to keep the grass small. No matter whether you own one or borrow it from your neighbor, this is a must if you want to enjoy the advantages of having a lawn.

The problem happens when the mower gets damaged somehow. Though it is not very frequent, you’ll surely face such a situation. A mower can stop working for a lot of reasons. But when it is about repairing the mower, our service is the only option for you who can handle the issue perfectly. 

Want to know more about our service? Continue reading because here we’ve talked a lot about everything related to our service and lawn mower repair. Let’s start by knowing a bit about us.

Lawn Mower Repair company

Who We Are

We are a team of people who have worked for a long time with different types and models of lawn mowers. We don’t do anything extraordinary. We just repair your lawn mower by finding out the issue, the reasons behind it, and fixing it. 

For this, we have a team of some extraordinary mechanics who know almost everything about a lawn mower. No matter what type of mower you have, we have the right person who can handle the problems of that. So, don’t forget to call us if you think you need some help. 

To enjoy our service, you just have to call us, talk about the problem, and answer a few questions. We’ll handle the rest. We send our best man to your address who can handle the mower. 

We want to make sure that you enjoy a hassle-free experience of fixing the issue. So, we don’t charge a lot or send someone noob, which can hamper your experience. 

Call us if you think a lawn mower service can help you to get rid of the problem. We are always ready to handle issues with mowers and fix those.

Types of Lawn Mower Repair Services

Types of Lawn Mower Repair Services We Provide

Lawn Mower Engine Repair

The engine of your lawn mower can be damaged for several reasons. Finding out the exact reason behind it and fixing it can be a tough task. But as long as we’re there for you, you won’t have to worry a bit. 

We know how the engines work and how to take care of those. From small troubleshooting to engine replacement, we can do all. So, call us if you think your mower’s engine needs some help.

Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

Wrong use or leaving it there- both can result in some trouble that you should get rid of. If you don’t fix those, the mower may end up dead later. So, troubleshooting is a must. 

Don’t hesitate to call us in that case. We perform any type of troubleshooting service to fix the issues you’re facing with the mower. Starting from a simple performance drop to serious smoke from the mower- we can handle and fix any type of issue.

Lawn Mower Parts Replacement

Sometimes a part of the mower needs to be changed because of a fault. We can do that for you too. 

We have a collection of several types of parts for the mower. Starting from the rope to the wheel, you’ll get everything here. If you think that any part of your mower should be replaced, let us know. We can replace the old part with a new one that fits perfectly. You don’t have to go to a lawn mower repair shop for that. 

Tune-up Service for Lawn Mower

If you have an old mower with some jam inside, we can tune that for you. Our lawn mower tune-up service carefully checks the mower for any type of damage. If there is no damage, we run the mower and check if it is running properly. If not, we focus on finding out the issue and fixing that.

Thus we tune your old or jammed lawn mower up through a step-by-step process. All you have to do is call us for the service. 

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Maintaining the mower is not that tough, especially if you follow the tips we’ll be adding to this article later. Still, sometimes you might find it a bit complex. Also, you might not have enough time to take care of the mower properly.

You can sign up for our maintenance service then. Through this service, we serve our clients who want us to take care of their lawn mowers professionally. We inspect the mower once a month and make sure that everything is perfect. If there is any issue, we will fix that. The cost of a replacement part is not a part of the service though.

Call for a Lawn Mower Repair

When Should You Call for a Lawn Mower Repairing Service

Several situations tell that you should call a lawn mower repairing service. Below here, we’ll be talking about some of those situations. If you face any of these, you should call us as soon as possible.

If the mower doesn’t start

The most common problem with a lawn mower is that it doesn’t start. Sometimes, you need to attempt a few times to start the engine. But, also sometimes you’ll see that the engine is not running even after trying a few times. 

This may happen for two reasons- faulty spark plugs and faulty engine. 

If you face such an issue, check the spark plugs. Make sure that those are connected properly. Consider changing if there is no issue with the connection. If that can’t fix the problem, the issue is with the engine. 

In such a case, we suggest taking professional help. The engine is a sensitive part and requires expert handling. If you haven’t worked with such things before, consider calling us for help. 

If it makes a screeching sound

Sometimes you’ll hear a screeching sound coming from the mower. It happens mostly when you start the mower. The main problem behind this issue is in the engine belt. 

The sound happens when the engine belt is faulty or doesn’t sit properly. Fixing this is very easy if you’re a DIYer. First, remove the belt from the mower and check it. If you find no fault, install it again and try starting the mower. The issue should be solved.

If you hear the sound again, you should change the belt. You’ll find it in any repair shop or online. 

You can contact us for support in such a case. We can fix it for you. 

If it makes a loud knocking sound

While running, the mower may create a loud knocking sound. There should be several reasons behind this. A broken part is the most common reason. You should stop the mower as soon as possible after hearing such a sound. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage later. 

Consider knocking someone professional for help. A professional service provider will check the mower to know the actual reason behind it. Knowing the reason makes it easier to solve. 

Call us. 

If it vibrates too much

Vibration is common in most mowers because of the design. Sometimes you’ll feel that it is vibrating more than it should be. In this case, you should consider stopping it because there is a huge chance of damage. 

It happens because of a damaged or loose part. Call us so that we can fix the issue. 

If smoke comes out of it

This is a huge problem that may end up in fire damage. Don’t continue using the mower if you face such an issue. Call for professional help as soon as possible to stay safe from any type of possible accident. 

Various reasons can cause this problem. We can find that out and fix it properly so that you can continue using the mower. 

If oil leaks

Oil leaking typically happens because of a loose pan or plug. In such a case, you can easily fix the issue if you have basic DIY experience with vehicles or electrical tools. 

We don’t mind if you call us for fixing such an issue. Our mechanics are always ready to help you is any problem, no matter how tiny it is. All you should do is just call us. 

If it makes a rattling sound

Rattling sound is another wired sound you’ll hear from the mower. It also happens because of torn or bent parts. The main problem is- that you’ll have to find out the bent part to fix the sound. 

Don’t worry because we’re there for you. We can help you by checking the mower, pointing out the problem, and then fixing it so that you can comfortably use the mower again. 

If it cuts grass unevenly

The mower is expected to cut grass evenly to keep the landscape attractive. However, sometimes you’ll see that it is not cutting the grass the way it should. In this case, you won’t find the expected result. 

This can happen because of a dull blade, loose belt, or weak engine. You can easily examine the blade and the belt. If you think there is no issue with those, call us for professional help. We’ll check the engine for problems and fix if there are any. Also, we can look for several other reasons behind this problem. 

If it consumes more oil or gas

If you see your lawn mower consuming more oil or gas than it used to, it is time to call for professional help. A change in consuming pattern tells that there is surely some issue. 

Typically the issue is with the spark plug. Changing the plug can be a solution, but it is important to know the exact reason. Otherwise, you’ll face such an issue again. Call us for professional help. We can set everything properly so that your mower doesn’t consume more oil or gas than it should. 

If the mower faces difficulties in cutting thick grass

Sometimes you see your mower is easily cutting thin grasses but shuddering while cutting the thick ones. This happens because of losing compression. It is an engine problem that needs professional care.

Don’t worry because we’re there for professional care. Call us when you face such a situation. The shuddering mower can’t cut grass properly. Also, frequent shuddering can result in permanent damage. So, don’t be late to call us.

Reasons To Choose Us

Reasons To Choose Us

Expert Service Provider

We are a bunch of expert mechanics who have been working with mowers for a long time. We’ve been working here together for more than seven years. Most of the members of our team have experience of working with mowers for more than ten years. 

You can expect expert service from us for fixing your lawn mower. While working, we make sure that the problem is fixed properly so that you don’t face it again soon.

Reasonable Service

You should choose us because we provide lawn mower repair services at a reasonable charge. The charges for our typical services are lower than other service providers. Besides the service, we also offer suggestions and tips which add value to it. 

So, from us, you’ll be getting more value compared to the amount of bucks you’re spending on the services. We want to make sure that you can fix the mower without facing much hassle. 

Available Anytime

We make sure that we’re available for you anytime. We have a team that is big enough to attend to a lot of clients at a time. This allows us to reach your door as soon as you knock us. We don’t want to keep you waiting for days to trim the grass on your lawn. 

Knock us because we’re at your service whenever you ask for help. Make just one call to us and we’ll be there for you. Depending on the distance, reaching your home may take some time. 

Dependable Service

You can depend on us for servicing the mower. We’ve worked with a lot of clients in our journey of seven years. Almost all of them were pleased with the service we’ve delivered. We handle the mower with care just like you want it to be. 

Our mechanics have a long experience in handling and working with several types of lawn mowers. So, we can strongly claim that you can depend on us. 

Available Parts

Lawn mower repair often requires replacing a part. Don’t worry for that because we’ve got your back. We have a supply of several parts of these tools. A lot of parts of several qualities are available to us.

Whenever you call us and tell us about a problem, we carry related parts. If replacing requires, we can quickly replace it. You don’t have to run to shops for the part. Thus we save your time and energy. 

Licensed Mechanics

We ensure the maximum safety of your lawn mower because our team consists of licensed technicians only. Each member of our team has successfully completed the steps to be a successful technician. 

In our team, you won’t find anyone who is not licensed by the respective authority. Also, we’re licensed and certified service providers in this field. If you want to check the proof, we welcome you. 

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Keeping your mower safe from hazards is not a tough task, but you need to be careful. A few things are must if you want to get the best out of the mower. Below you’ll find some important maintenance tips to keep your mower running for a long time. 

  • Know the mower properly. Read the user manual to make sure that you’ve read the instructions given by the manufacturer. Try to follow those if you want it to last long.
  • During winter, you won’t use the mower. So, before storing it for the whole season, make sure that you’re draining the gasoline. Old gas can’t run the mower after a whole lazy season. Keep it running or drain out somehow else to get rid of the gas inside. 
  • Keep it clean. Try to clean the mower after every use. Grass and debris enter several parts of it and get accumulated inside. This affects the performance of the mower. Keeping it clean is a must because a clean one can perform its task perfectly. 
  • Keep your eyes on the blades. The blades lose sharpness with time. If you want the best performance from the mower, keeping the blades sharp is mandatory. Check those regularly and make sure that they are sharp enough. If not, consider sharpening or replacing those. Also, don’t forget to keep those balanced if you want superior performance. 
  • Check the mower regularly for damaging signs. It can be damaged in several ways. Check before using it every time. Also, be careful while using it to get rid of potential damages. 
  • Keep your eyes on the air filter. Wash or change it if you think the necessity. A clean air filter allows the mower to work perfectly. So, for good output, don’t forget to check the air filter regularly.
  • Just like your vehicle, lawn mowers also demand oil changing. If you want it to run properly on your lawn, you should change the oil if you find it too old and dirty. Changing oil is not a big deal. 
  • If your mower is old, maybe one and a half years old, check the carburetor and replace it if needed. To secure the best performance, you should make sure that the carburetor is properly maintained. Clean it at least once in one and a half years. 
  • Fogging the engine is necessary if you want it to work seamlessly. Spraying fogging oil creates a barrier around the carburetor, spark plug, and other parts to make sure that no moisture is entering inside. 
  • Whenever you think that the mower is going through a problem that you can’t handle, ask for professional help only. Reach a good service provider. A professional service provider handles the mower with care. 
  • Don’t forget the importance of the tires. Keep those in good condition. No matter what type of tires and wheels the mower comes with, ensure that you’re maintaining those properly. 
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the mower. Each mower comes with a maximum capacity. Buy a mower that can cover your lawn easily so that you don’t have to put huge pressure on it. Putting pressure continuously reduces the life expectancy of the mower.
  • Store the mower somewhere safe. Don’t leave it just here and there. Keep it away from accumulated water. When you’re keeping it off for a long time, make sure that you’re storing it somewhere dry.
When You Should Replace the Lawn Mower

When You Should Replace the Lawn Mower

Sometimes hiring lawn mower repair services is not the solution for a damaged mower. The only thing you can do is replace the mower with a new one. In those cases, repairing might run it for a few days only. Let’s talk about a few such situations. 

When It is 10 Years Old

Typically a lawn mower is supposed to serve you for eight to ten years. If yours is already more than ten years old, you should think of buying a new mower. However, this rule is only for gas and electric mowers as those come with an engine and other components. 

You can make your mechanical mower last longer than ten years by replacing the blade and maintaining the frame. 

When It Needs New Transmission

Adding new transmission to your mower costs you a lot, maybe $500 or more. If you spend a bit more, you can get a new one. So, in such a case, think about the age of the mower. 

If it is already close to the end of the expected lifespan, it would be wise to replace it instead of spending around $500 bucks for it. 

When the Engine can’t be Repaired

There is no doubt that the engine is the most vital part of your mower. So, when it is damaged somehow, you should repair it as soon as possible. 

But sometimes you can’t repair the engine for several reasons. A severely damaged engine can’t be repaired usually. You have to replace it. The cost of replacing the engine is almost similar to the cost of getting a new mower. So, why would you spend this huge amount on repairing the old one?

When You have to Repair It Frequently

Sometimes you can see that you have to spend a huge time repairing the mower, maybe more than the time you can use it to trim the grass. In this case, you should replace it. 

Spending on repairing this mower is not an ideal solution anymore. Repairing such frequently costs you a lot without delivering any benefit. So, replacing is the best thing you can do in this case. 

When It can’t Meet Your Demand

If you move to a house with a larger lawn, there is a chance that your old mower can’t handle the task of cutting the grass of such a huge lawn. In this case, instead of putting huge pressure on it, you can replace it with a new one.

Putting pressure would damage the mower eventually. So, switching to a new one is the best option for you in such situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer emergency service?

We offer emergency service in which we head to your place as soon as you knock us. So, you can call for that. But it depends on the availability of our mechanics. We have enough members in our team for responding to emergencies.

But sometimes when we have to handle a lot of clients, we can’t ensure the emergency service, especially just after winter. During such times, we suggest booking the service before you need the mower.¬†

Also, emergency services make you spend a bit more bucks than regular.

How much do you charge for your service?

It depends on the service you’re picking. We have a wide range of services; you’ve already seen those above. Also, the charge for repairing is different for different parts. So, we can’t answer this question here. Call us directly for an estimate of our charges.

We try our best to keep the charge as low as possible. Don’t worry about that.

Do you offer at-home service?

Yes, we offer a mobile lawn mower repair service where we travel to your home to fix the mower. Also, you can come to our shop with your mower where we can check and fix it. So, you have both options.

However, sometimes we ask you to come to our shop, especially when it is tough to understand the problem over the phone.

What are the questions you ask to provide a service?

Typically we ask general questions about the current condition of the mower, the problem you’re facing, and what you expect us to do. To have a proper understanding of the problem, we may ask related questions too.

Besides, we ask general questions like your exact location, comfortable time to receive the service, and a few more. We look for any information that we think is important to serve you.

Do you provide service for other gardening equipment?

No. We are dedicated to providing lawn mower repair services only. There are a lot of types of mowers and each has different structures and designs. We are specialized in working with all types of lawn mowers.

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